Photos: International Celebrities Re-imagined As Everyday Indonesians

Imagine it’s the holidays, and your choice of vacation is in Indonesia. Everything seems normal, you’re having fun, doing touristy thangs, and maybe you want to run to the nearest stall to get a drink and then bam! You see Kanye West chillin’ behind the counter waiting for your order, asking: “Iye mas mau apa?” You’ll definitely find yourself chocking in your own spit.

Indra Hakim is definitely an Indonesian jokester as he edits big name celebs into your everyday Indonesian, with all sorts of odd jobs too. As usual, netizens on social medias are shook and entertained by all of his cheeky edits. Scroll down to see 12 of his hilarious work:

1. “Kalau yang ini gak bisa 4G ya mas…” – Rihanna

2. If you spoil your only pair of shoes in Indonesia. Don’t worry, the OG Snoop Dogg got your back.

3. “Dapat jatah kurban, asik nyate dulu…” – Kanye West

4. “Apa aja yang penting halal demi anak-anak…” – The story of a honey seller, Pharrell William

5. Another hard-working man, The Rock – “Meski lelah, meski cape, ya harus dijalani demi anak istri…”

6. Wenger figuring out why Arsenal lost again.

7. Maybe we should call him mas Charlie Putra. Just him casually attending a tahlil.

8. This is the reason why The Weekend is only free on the weekend.

9. Just a young Indonesian graduate named Nicki Minaj.

10. Bruno Mars reppin’ Indonesian culture.

11. Katy Perry securing the coins and being THAT makcik.

12. Zayn Malik sending of his mother and lil bro’ before work.

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