Malaysian Artist Creates Amazing Ultra-Realistic Charcoal Drawings

source: Keliman Sawatan Art

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “Every artist was first an amateur.” In that case, this artist has reached level 999.

Meet Malaysian artist, Kelimen Sawatan, who makes ultra-realistic charcoal portraits

Sawatan shared one of his works on Facebook, which got a lot of attention for its high-level skill and artistry. The portrait was a commission from Unit Pimpinan Pembangunan Masyarakat (UPPM) as a parting gift for one of its employees.

The artist has been doing charcoal drawings and oil paintings professionally from late 2016. Aside from that, music also plays a big part in his life. “I like music. I have an acapella group called True Echo consisting of six members. We perform at weddings, fundraisers, Christmas, private events and so forth,” he says.

Artists like Muslim Mattajim, Mark Abdullah, Solichin Totok, Asis Winasis, Adrian Ho, Cracko Art Group, Latif Maulan, Aris Aziz, Fauzi Ab. Rahim, Zaharuddin Sarbini, Sim Polein, and Mohd. Yusof Ismail (Yusof Gajah), among others, are local heroes that inspire Sawatan in his passion for the arts.

source: Adrian Ho

This is proof that social media can be a powerful tool for connection and community. It’s already hard as it is for Malaysian artists to get work, let alone get proper acknowledgement. So when a gem like this passes by, we better not let it slide.

Sawatn also has a YouTube channel where he shares his process on a project, which is both entertaining and therapeutic.

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