Local YouTuber Arrested For Video Of Him Pulling Off Women’s Tudungs As A Social Experiment

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There’s a difference between pranks and just being plain rude. You shouldn’t go around slapping people just for content views, or order food with no intention of eating it.

According to BFM, a 24-year-old man has been charged at the KL Magistrate’s Court over a YouTube prank video where he was seen pulling the headscarves of two women.

Here’s what happened:

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Local YouTuber under the name NickCHANNEL posted a now deleted video, “pranking” two women wearing headscarves referred to as tudung for religious purposes.

The video started off with him explaining the prank and saying he would approach two random bystanders in what looks like an apartment complex and attempt to yank off their headscarves.

The two women reacted in shock but eventually calmed down when he explained that he was filming for content purposes and that it was a prank.

He then ended the video by encouraging viewers to comment what they think of this and that he wouldn’t care if he received backlash for it either.

On 4 July, another video was released as an explanation to his actions, titled, “Penjelasan Isu Tarik Tudung.” Turns out, it was a “social experiment” conducted for the purposes of angering netizens.

It shows two women standing next to him, who were the “victims” of the social experiment in question and they were playing along with it this whole time.

“This shows that the public will take half of the story and post it up, without investigating what is really going on. This was all for content and it is proof of netizens’ behaviour.” He then thanked the two women for contributing to his video for content.


Despite the trio’s defence and denial of any wrong-doing, police arrested the YouTuber known as Nick and charged him with a minor offence yesterday evening.

Following the arrest, Nick apologised to those offended by the video, while the women involved also regretted their actions.

“I hope the public can accept my video clearly. Moral of the story, I want to see if Malays will defend Islam and maintain the dignity of a woman when watching content like this,” Nick said, as reported by BFM.

Wouldn’t the world just be a better place if people started handing out money as pranks? 

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