Slapping Prank Gone Wrong: M’sian YouTuber Films Pranking Citizens In Mid Valley For Content

Source: Hype MY

I don’t think any of us like being slapped, unless you’re seriously kinky or trying to participate in Squid Game.

Imagine a stranger walking up to you and attempting to deliver a full backhand to your cheek. Not a pleasant feeling, is it?

These boys seem to think otherwise. A pair of Malaysian pranksters thought it would be fun to go around and pretend to slap strangers.

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The idea came about when Mizan’s, a local YouTuber, friend suggested a joke where they would ‘fake slap’ people and get their reactions on camera.

From there, they started ‘Prank Gertak Tampar Orang’.

Mizan uploaded a video on his YouTube channel which now has 9.62k subscribers, showing the plan and how it was carried out at Mid Valley Megamall.

He includes parts where he apologises to the innocent bystanders, bamboozled from an arm suddenly swinging their way as they go up the escalators.

Most of them looked offended, unbothered and just wanted to move on with their day. The video also showed two girls running away hurriedly from Mizan.

Netizens were unamused by his pranks and calls the pair “kurang ajar,” amongst other comments.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Note that although Mizan meant no harm, someone could very well have gotten hurt and I think I speak for most when I say that this prank was definitely not funny. Some might call it “content,” but is it worth it when it comes at the expense of others?

According to Hype, the YouTuber also uploaded a clip on his Instagram but has since turned off the comments section – presumably after receiving backlash for his behaviour.