Local Artiste Kilafairy Criticised for ‘Pole Dancing’ in MV with Sean Kingston & DJ Aku Ash

(source: thevocket.com)

Just last week, Malaysian artist/actress Kilafairy released her first single alongside DJ Aku Ash and US rapper/musician Sean Kingston in their new music video ‘Put The Word In’.

(source: Paranormal Records/ Youtube)

The song itself isn’t like your typical Malaysian radio fodder. Aside from an infectious beat to it, the vibes are pretty lit. Definitely a good summer bop/Malaysian heatwave track that you can dance to.

The video on the other hand, could’ve had more improvements. Perhaps less meaningless close ups and beauty shots of Kira and friends, and more dancing to the rhythm of the music itself? Never mind, it’s not ‘Hotline Bling’ kinda goofy dancing… it’s alright…

However, Malaysians some Malaysians just couldn’t stand it when local artistes decide to break out of the shell. Or as some call it, ‘westernising’ themselves. Seriously? Is that the only word in your vocabulary to describe something different that’s not ‘traditional’?

In addition, they slammed Kira’s short choreography as pole dancing. Which is quiet hypocritical of them to be judging her moves and video like that, when they probably spend a good amount of time with Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ on repeat.

On top of that, her dancing wasn’t even as close to pole dancing. There was barely any choreography aside from short movements and if people were to label that as pole dancing, then they should really reevaluate themselves and get educated on the types of dances there are.


For starters, in order to pole dance, you need an actual pole, which clearly was non-existent in the music video. There’s nothing too sensual of Kilafairy’s dancing, unless you’re a conservative pervert and into creating tasteless memes like this:


So if people want to label this form of music video too sensual for the local audience, then maybe radios and television should remove all the other videos, whether it’s foreign or not, that contains this ‘explicit’ content. Honestly, Malaysian some Malaysian netizens need to chill.