LISTEN: Local Podcast ‘Finding Fabulous’ Discusses Life in a Time of Coronavirus

If you’re looking for something soothing in this time of COVID-19 and social distancing – Liver & Lung Productions, the Malaysian theatre company behind ‘Sepet The Musical’, has launched a new podcast, ‘Finding Fabulous’.

Hosted by Liver & Lung co-founders  – Hannah Shields and Shafeeq Shajahan, the podcast is ensuring that all Malaysians are entertained and given the chance to escape from the chaos of their news-feeds. Released daily at 8pm, the podcast started airing on the first day of Malaysia’s MCO and will continue until it ends.

In its first seven days, the podcast has reached 1000+ downloads on Spotify and Apple Podcast. According to Shafeeq, ‘Finding Fabulous’ allows listeners from all backgrounds to takeaway bite-sized insights on how to think outside the box.

“In distressing times, audiences are looking for fun and lighthearted ways to escape and end their day. With a run time of about 25 minutes, ‘Finding Fabulous’ provides listeners with a chance to decompress and focus on wellbeing as the world around us becomes more chaotic day by day,” Hannah Shields stresses.

Shafeeq adds, “If social distancing and isolation has left you feeling a little lost, join us every day as we unpick creative concepts that inspire us. We sure hope that ‘Finding Fabulous’ allows audiences to inject some spirit into this very bleak period of our history. Our aim is to inspire, entertain and keep fabulous.”

Each episode dissects a creative idea and ends with a tribute to an Idol of The Day. So far, the podcast has celebrated the likes of international celebrities like Lady Gaga & Audrey Hepburn, but have also lauded local powerhouses like Siti Nurhaliza, who Shafeeq believes is as influential as any Western icon.

So, if you’re a podcast person or maybe you just want to listen to people talk, check out ‘Finding Fabulous’ as they celebrate innovation, imagination and all things inspirational every day!

‘Finding Fabulous’ is also available on Apple Podcast.

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‘Til then, stay home and keep it JUICY