Let’s Band Together & Support Local Music Hub, Merdekarya, With Their New Fundraiser

(Source :Timeout KL)

When there’s a will, there’s a way. And when there’s Tuak… say no more!

Beloved hub for local music and entertainment, Merdekarya is making a comeback with an upcoming fundraiser.

According to Merdekarya’s website, the battle to keep the event space open and running has been really tough for the organizers. This was made extremely difficult when they were arrested for employing migrant workers without relevant permits. Despite the arrest, Merdekarya is bereft of any regrets since the space was enriched by the presence of these workers.

However, covering legal costs has definitely put the organizers in hot water which is why they need our help to breakeven.

Just like every other business that has been affected by the pandemic, Merdekarya has lost a lot especially after the closure of their kitchen. Now with the recent incident, at least RM25k was spent on legal fees and fines. That combined with their RM10k loss during the pandemic has amounted to a significant need for recuperation.

To deal with the loss, Merdekarya is finally re-opening bar b, the balcony bar and the live bar throughout the whole month of September with free entry for customers.

Since Merdekarya was an avid supporter of local musicians, many artists will now be gracing the stage to help bring back the love and reinvigorate our passion for music. These artists include Azmyl Yunor, Sound of Kites, Sam Lopez (of Lost Spaces fame), Suehaila and Ally Lew amongst 22 other talents.

(Source:Coconuts Directory)

The previous fundraiser they did was when they sold 999 bottles of Tuak to customers. Although they did not hit their target, with 253 bottles left, it’s still great to see that despite all the hardships from the start of the pandemic, Merdekarya is still willing to stick to their roots and support the local music industry.

From now on, Merdekarya will be opened from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 6pm onwards with a whole lot of new Tuak Infusions (six flavours – cinnamon, lime zest, asamboi, ginger, orange bitters, cucumber), Langkau infusions (four flavours) and ginger beer.

Table reservations are highly recommended especially if you’re interested to see a specific live act.

If you’re interested, contact 016-2071553 or 016-2020529 for more information.