“Ask Your Sister To Sell Her Gold”: Rude Lecturer Slams B40 Student For Not Having a Laptop

Despite the onslaught of articles detailing the difficult financial situations of Malaysians in the wake of the pandemic, it seems that some people might have still missed the boat.

Recently, a video went viral almost overnight of a lecturer in UiTM berating her student for not having a laptop.

In the video, the lecturer is seen making rude comments towards a student’s financial situation, even saying, “What is your problem?” after he revealed that he did not have a laptop and has been using his phone to attend classes online all this while.

The worst sentence she uttered was, “I cannot sit with the B40 since they prioritise things other than education,” which followed an interrogation into the student’s financial situation.

The final nail in the coffin was when she said, “Turn off your camera. I don’t want to look at you anymore.”

While the initial video has since been deleted, a Twitter user has reposted it to show everyone how disgusting the lecturer’s behaviour was towards a student who should have inspired empathy, not cruelty.

Watch it below:

Following the virality of the tweet, Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia has since responded to the video by coming out with a statement. As of right now, they are investigating the actions of the lecturer.

Read it below:

UiTM is also taking action against the lecturer for berating the student, according to a report by Malaysiakini.

Naturally, after hearing words of such vehemence coming from an educator, Malaysians are far from pleased.

Here are their reactions:

In times like these, it is not uncommon to read stories of educators with a heart of gold who would sacrifice their time, energy, effort and resources in order to help their children receive the best education they can possibly get despite their circumstances.

Teachers would go through great lengths in order to provide their students with wifi and electronics that can help them learn online.

However, not everyone is of the same mindset.

The lecturer’s behaviour is inexcusable especially since she is considered a veteran educator at her university.

Coming from UiTM, she should know all too well about the financial struggles of certain students but instead of reaching out and lending a hand, she decides to humiliate them in-front of their peers.

If spending RM800 was truly an easy feat for her, she should have no problem forking out the finances to help a student in great need, no?