Disabled Martial Arts Teacher Hands Out Food Boxes On Scooter To The Underprivileged

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(Source: ThamNien News)

With the ongoing pandemic, tuning into the news nowadays can be quite overwhelming especially with reports of constant deaths and protests all over the world.

However, beneath all that bad news there are stories that provide a glimmer of hope due to people who still manage to keep their heads high and help others in need during these trying times.

An example of this would be 62-year-old, martial arts teacher and amputee, Mr Tạ Anh Dũng, who resides in Saigon, Vietnam. Mr Ta has been spotted riding around the city on his scooter delivering hundreds of charity meals to the underprivileged.

It is reported that Mr Ta had lost his leg from an accident when he was 21. However, the thought of losing his leg had never brought him down as he decided to venture into martial arts, and soon became a martial arts teacher himself that specialises in traditional Kung Fu.

(Source: Tham Nien News)

Mr Ta is also an active member of a local Vietnamese charity group founded by one of his students. Ever since the peak of the pandemic, Mr Ta and the members of the group have been distributing 1000 meal boxes per day to those most affected by the pandemic.

“Seeing my fellow countrymen go hungry moves me deeply. That motivates me to continue doing this job. I don’t think I’m doing anything great here,” he says. As of now, Mr Ta’s daily routine has been leaving his home at 10am to collect the meal boxes at Binh Chanh Ward and delivering them all over the city.

(Source: Thamnien News)

At times, he takes a break too before clocking off at 3pm.

Mr Ta has become a well-known figure in Saigon, capturing the hearts of many due to his selfless act of giving back despite his disadvantages.

And for that, we salute him!

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