Nipples Out! Local Fashion Designer Defends His Transparent ‘Baju Melayu’

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(source: mStar)

Transparent fashion has been around for a while now – just check your fave IG-baddies, we bet you can find them sporting see-through stilettos within a few scrolls. Heck, you can even find transparent bum-bags at your local pasar malam! While we understand that the hotness of our tropical weather would make any hypebeast want to jump on the sheer train, perhaps a see-through traditional baju melayu is where this trend might stop.

Recently, a video surfaced of a male model wearing a transparent baju melayu walking down a runway of a fashion show in Kuala Lumpur. Funny thing is, you could see everything from his nipples to his calf! The transparency only stopped short of the model’s private areas which were covered by a samping songket.


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According to mStar, the runway show was held by local fashion designer, Afeer who has specialised in traditional wedding designs since 2012.

While many netizens found the baju melayu inappropriate yet amusing, Afeer defended his creation by stating to mStar that the set is not for sale. The see-through baju melayu that is made by a net fabric was actually meant to show attendees the quality of the outfit’s inner-stitching.

(source: mStar)

“We really wanted to show the details of each design so that our attendees can get a closer look at our fine stitches, especially on the inside… There is no marketing scheme as there was no plan to make the male model’s nipple an issue”, said Afeer to mStar.

We know that not many locals would buy this baju melayu set if it were for sale, but with Malaysia’s scorching weather, we understand why men would want to feel the breeze too. Though it may not be a typical design, it’s not entirely wrong either if it was intended for the market. Maybe next year we could have one where there are two pockets?

‘Til then, please don’t show up with your unsolicited nipples at our open house this Raya!

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