Slay It On the Streets With Creative Recreation, Everyone’s Sportswear Must-Have!

All across Instagram and popular fashion blogs, you can never miss the sportswear trend that’s flooding our feeds – all thanks to our fave urban street style icons like Kim K, RiRi, or It’s impossible for most of us to afford an inch of cloth that these A-listers are wearing, nor can we pull off their iconic looks. But if we’re lucky enough, they could be rocking a casual $10,000 top from a luxury brand with just a pair of $50 sneakers from an affordable high-end brand, like Creative Recreation.


The L.A based sneaker label, Creative Recreation, has been on the style radar of a few celebs for quiet awhile now, from Kanye West, to even Wayne Rooney! Last year, Nick Jonas even had a collaboration with the brand for their capsule collection of footwear.

Aside from their popular sneaker collection, Creative Recreation has now released their own clothing brand collection for men and women to match along their dope shoe wear. For men, you can definitely start looking up for their latest pieces over that are already available at JD Sports online!

Not only are the pieces are stylish, but its neutral tones will definitely vibe with most of our fashionable men out there.

The company that was founded in 2002 is all about celebrating individuality, creativity and innovation through their minimalistic, urban styles. The apparel are also fun and functional to wear for your day-to-day routine.

To quote the brand’s ethos: “Without creativity, we’d all be the same. There would be no new thinking, no diversity, no forward progress. That isn’t the world we want to live in.”

So, ready to take your style to a higher level on the street? Go shop at JD Sports now!