Joji Flaunts His Whacky, Creative & Talented Side In His Special Live Show “The Extravaganza”

(Source: The Extravaganza show)

Eccentric singer, Joji, who was formerly known for his weird antics before deep-diving into his serious side, has proven himself as a notable artist yet again through his performance in the live stream event titled, “The Extravaganza” last Saturday at 7pm.

The special event was broadcasted for one night and one night only, and we here at JUICE had the special opportunity to watch the show that the artist had worked incredibly hard for.

We were impressed by Joji’s determination to soldier on despite the pandemic and ability to bring us his sweet yet sultry vocals by performing tracks from his latest album, Nectar, as well as his other famous hits from Ballads 1 such as ‘Slow Dancing In The Dark’, ‘Attention’ and ‘Test Drive’.

(Source: 88 rising)

Throughout the whole show, we can see the artist perform amidst a few whacky scenarios that, true to Joji’s essence, sometimes make little to no sense but are still eye-catching nonetheless. For example, during ‘Tick Tock’, Joji was dressed in a full minion costume while a scarecrow doll sits behind him, playing the piano.

(Source: 88 rising on Twitter)

During other songs like ‘Your Man’, Joji showed his multitasking skills by singing and cooking at the same time while his alien-like assistant, painted in all white and clad in just boxers, passed him the ingredients.

(Source: 88 Rising on Twitter)

The show also featured former N’sync singer, Justin Timberlake, as he made a guest appearance only to be a silent character that Joji jokes “he can’t afford.”

(Source: 88 rising on Twitter)

Besides the performances, the audience also had the chance to tune into a special magic show by Brad the Magician as well as listen to an opera number performed by Giovanni.

(Source: 88 rising on Twitter)

We’re glad to see this goofy side of Joji because if you have been a fan of his prior to his 88 rising era, you would know that he used to be quite the whacky character on Youtube. We believe this show is an homage to his younger days before his music career skyrocketed.

(Source: 88 rising on Twitter)

We can only say that the show had ended on a cliffhanger and we are definitely hoping for another come back of “The Extravaganza”.

If you’d like to hear more of Joji’s new song, Stream nectar here.