JAIS Investigates Community of 238 People Living in Selangor Forest

source: Harian Metro

238 men, women and children were found during a raid at Ulu Rening, Selangor according to Harian Metro. Amongst them, 76 were men, 77 were women and the remainder were young children and babies.

The squatters were residing in tents at the top of the hill where they carried out daily activities such as bathing, cooking and sleeping. Police caught a whiff of this incident when locals reported the strange gathering which led to the raid.

source: Berita Harian

All inhabitants of that particular group were arrested and will be further investigated under Section 269 Negligent act likely to spread infection of any disease dangerous to life 2020 and Section 22 (b) Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases 1988.

source: Harian Metro

JAIS also got involved in the case after receiving complaints that the squatters were carrying out an aberrant lifestyle that was in direct collision of Islamic practices. Their way of living together regardless of blood ties was something JAIS sought to investigate and possibly charge them for.

One of the officers who was a part of the raid found it odd how the families were spending their Ramadhan outdoors. He said, “The way they are grouped together was different than the everyday Muslims in this country who are safely spending their time and celebrating Ramadhan together at home with their family.”

source: pakdin.my

Of course, the fact that they were ignoring the social distancing order was another factor that aroused suspicion and concern from authorities. With the Covid-19 virus running rampant, their way of living could potentially harm themselves and others as well.

As of now, there is no confirmation as to why they were living on that hill in the first place and what they were doing out there while everyone else remained in their homes.

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