This Penang Doctor Who’s Also a Thief-by-Night was Finally Caught After 6 Years!

source: Ozy

It comes as no surprise that many Malaysians have more than one job to supplement their income especially when they live in a city. But unlike most Malaysians, this doctor from George Town, Penang had a side hustle that’s a bit more devious than others.

The Star reports that the 38-year old doctor has burglarised 22 other units in the same condominium he stays at in Gurney Drive. Even more surprising is the fact that he’s allegedly been doing so since 2014.

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This sneaky physician made some extra loot by checking for neighbours whose doors were left open very early in the morning. If they were, he’d quietly sneak in their unit and swipe whatever valuables he could from their living rooms.

George Town police officers claim that he had stolen an estimated RM493,615 worth of valuables since the year 2014. Unfortunately for the plundering physician, he was finally arrested last Thursday (23 April) by authorities who discovered an impressive stash of stolen goods in his residence.

Decorative photo. source: A View From the Brink

“There were 67 mobile phones, 26 computer laptops, 29 bags of all sorts, seven television sets, eight pieces of MyKad, three Japanese passports, one Malaysian passport and tens of other odds and ends.” But even with all the stuff they found, the seizure only added up to be worth RM160,000 – a far cry from the total amount of estimated goods he’d stolen.

ACP Soffian with the George Town police force stated that the suspect had no previous record and is being remanded until this Friday (29 April). He also pointed out that authorities found two Nintendo consoles as well as a TV set and a TV box which were all seized alongside the other confiscated goods.

source: Giphy

It boggles the mind why a doctor would risk his freedom by being a part-time thief especially with the majority of medical workers being beyond busy trying to treat Coronavirus patients while attempting to put a stop to it. Also, medical professionals don’t exactly fall into B40 income territory. Because of his actions, the doctor-thief is now facing a jail term of 14 years if he’s convicted.

Whether he had planned to pawn those stolen goods off or keep it for himself is also unclear, but if he truly needed some extra cash, I’m pretty certain that putting in a little overtime would’ve been the smarter choice.

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