Watch this Toddler’s Adorable Cover of RATM’s ‘Killing In The Name Of’

source: Ujang Ijon/ Facebook

Being in quarantine have shown the creative side of people we wouldn’t normally get to see. Thanks to social media, people are sharing everything from their MCO food fails to impressive home improvement projects to a spot-on kedai tom yum design in The Sims 4 and more – for the sake of staying connected and keeping us entertained.

We’ve seen many father-daughter song covers before, but we have to say that this is no ordinary cover, it’s giving power to the people while oozing with cuteness!

In a video posted on Facebook, a toddler named Audrey sings Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name Of’. While the original track usually makes you want to mosh, this version just makes you go ‘AWWH!’

The 3-year old does her best to sing to frontman-activist Zack de la Rocha’s lyrics while her father, best known as Ujang Ijon, plucks the guitar away.

As of now, the original video has reached 1 million views with more than 60k shares on Facebook. There’s also a YouTube version if you think Facebook isn’t cool.

The video even reached Rage Against The Machine’s guitarist extraordinaire Tom Morello, who approved the cover by tweeting it and saying, “Preach sister preach.”

Screenshot from Twitter.

Speaking to JUICE , Ujang, 44, used to be a freelance musician but now works fulltime in an airline and plays in a band called SOULJAR. He still works during MCO but on his days off, he does bass tutorials on his YouTube channel.

He said his daughter picked up the song because she listens to it in his car. “She’s not a huge fan of rock but she likes any genre,” Ujang said.

We hope she continues rockin’! 😍

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