Here Are The 5 Demands of #WomensMarchMY

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(source: Malaymail)

Like ‘Yoncé said, “Okay ladies! Now let’s get in formation..”

The Women’s March will be taking over the streets of Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu on 9 March next weekend. For the past decade, International Women’s Day (every 8 March) has been celebrated right here in Malaysia, with this year’s march happening a day later on Saturday.

Every year in the month of March, various events are organised by groups and individuals to raise human rights issues among women and marginalised groups in our country. #WomensMarchMY is a part of this tradition.

It’s amazing to see how the march, organised by Gerakan Pembebasan Wanita in 2017, had only around 50 participants when they started, but in 2018, the movement grew with more than three hundred people walking the streets of KL according to their website. This year, they’re taking it up a notch by hosting it at two locations..

(source: WomensMarchMY)

Before you dismiss it as some #freethenipples fest, let me just stop you there and list down the five demands for our country that will be brought up at the #WomensMarchMY 2019 (check it out in the pic below):

(source: WomensMarchMY)

With cases like the hate-crimes that led to the death of transgender women, the canning of the lesbian couples, the Kelantan child marriage that shook our country, the straight up rape culture in that’s hurting our women, unequal pay, high cost of living, and deeply-rooted patriarchy in institutions such as universities and work places (just to name a few), it’s no wonder marches like this are important in our society.

As for Sabah, besides the five demands above, they also have another four more that will be brought up in public. Here are the demands from them:

(source: WomensMarchMY)

Although the feminist movement is actively vocal online (especially on Twitter), it’s important to meet and engage offline, and be in the presence of different kinds of people. That’s exactly what you could do at the Women’s March! Meet awesome new people and stand up for something you believe..

You could also pre-game by attending other events like workshops, talks, and even film screenings. Just click here, if you want to know more about the agenda. You and your gals can pop over to the ‘Kuasa Wanita’ gig at Gasket Alley too, where you can mosh with the all-female line-up! This will surely get you pumped up before you take the streets the next day..

(source: Senja Twitter)

If you’re planning to go, make sure to wear something breezy and comfy cause right now, Malaysia is hot af! So be safe, stay hydrated, keep calm and have some fun while you’re at it.

Need some tunes to set the mood? We got the perfect playlist for you! Here’s ten empowering tracks that was compiled by Takahara Suiko from VIONA and The Venopian Solitude that she did for last year’s International Women’s Day.

To visit #WomensMarchMY website, click here

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