Got A Costume But Nowhere To Go On Halloween? Check Out These Gigs & Shows!

Halloween in Chicago 2022: Your Complete Guide
source: TimeOut

Halloween night is steadfastly approaching and by now, some of you have probably planned your costumes or even succumbed to the devil of capitalism and purchased your get-ups.

While Halloween is the night where all the ghouls, creatures, baddies and weaboos (shivers) come out of the woodworks to wreak havoc upon an otherwise uninspired town, there’s nothing scarier than having an amped-up costume with nowhere to go and nobody to show it to.

So, in true JUICE fashion, we’ve got your back and we’ve rounded-up some cool spots for you to hang-out at.

Crowley Cavern’s Gathering Of Ravens


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We’ve got to give a shoutout to our boys over at Capt’n Trips and The Kid whom we’ve worked with numerous times and are currently working on their latest album.

Headlining this gig, the boys’ signature sound and recently revealed goofy personalities will surely start your night off right before being followed by other acts that will knock your socks and fishnets off.

But those who do not possess a costume should tread lightly, because in this room filled with ghouls and mystic beings – they don’t take too kindly to those who appear outwardly human.

So, to avoid being the victim of a ritualistic sacrifice, make sure to put on your best costume!

Spooky Wet Halloween


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Speaking of friends, Spooky Wet Dreams – who we’ve praised for their latest album Dewa Kotaraya – are also hosting a spooky wet Halloween night for anyone who wants to indulge in their vices.

Performing at Rex KL alongside other notable acts, the band is known for upping the ante on their costumes as seen through lead, Ze’s annual hilarious and topical disguises.

Similar to the previous listing, you need to be dressed-up, but not because you might end up dissected and thrown into the punch bowl, but because they’re having a contest for Best Costume and you can stand a chance to win the crown!

So, if you’re looking to rock out and deck out, this is the spot to hit!

Halloween with Kuman Pictures


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Music not your thing? No judgment here! Maybe try out this event where they will be screening some spooky films instead!

JUICE has been a long time fan of Kuman Pictures and their dedication to uplift local creatives so we are definitely supporting this event where they screen films by Malaysian filmmakers.

Get a chance to watch these movies and participate in the discussion with the finalists of Kuman Pictures’ Challenge over the past 3 years.

The entrance is free and you can choose to come for all the activities or just pick your favourites!


There you have it, folks! We hope you have the best Halloween this year and if you have trouble figuring out your costume, maybe take a look at our Tik Tok for inspiration! Happy Halloween! Which character would you choose? 🎃 #fyp #fypシ #halloween #halloween2021 #beritatiktok #newsattitkok #chooseyourcharacter ♬ ChooseYourCharacter By Jim Walter – Brittany Marsicek

Creep and crawl responsibly!