Broody Boys of Capt’n Trips & The Kid Share Their Goofy Side in New MV For ‘Hardest Pill To Swallow’

Capt’n Trips and The Kid are Malaysia’s latest charcuterie board of neo-psychedelic, alt-rock and electronica.

Combining contrasting elements and somehow making them work tastefully, the band has been featured on JUICE previously for their versatility and burgeoning sound.

It doesn’t hurt that the boys are easy on the eyes either. [Ed’s Note: Use Eye-Mo if they aren’t]

Their first EP Sroom (2016) was described by JUICE as “A 5 song heady junky that feels mystical and strangely foreign.”

Following that, their EPs The Paraverse (2017) and Iteration 33 (2020) dived headfirst into the psychedelic genre with visuals and sounds that can be likened to a soundtrack of the “weirdest imaginary DnD game based on occult themes and rituals.”

Now, by releasing their latest single ‘Hardest Pill To Swallow’, the band is pivoting away from that sound albeit not entirely by blending their signature psychedelia with elements of electronica and kraut-rock.

Check out their music video below:

This new noticeably different venture is further complemented by the music video that features bright colours and an almost contained form of madness which opposes the band’s previously released video for their single ‘My Demise’.

Focusing on the boys’ knack for humour, which surprised us on our series JUICE Home Jams where we played some games with the band, the video for ‘Hardest Pill To Swallow’ peels the layers of darkness and broodiness to reveal their goofy side.

The recurring imagery involving apples – untouched, half-eaten and fully devoured – could be a biblical allegory and another harbinger for the band’s descent into a new world where we see them as their true, naked selves that are unbounded by the expectations of ‘the next release’.

This single also teases their upcoming 11-track album, Syntech which we have been told would be available to stream as soon as November.

Until then, you can keep up with the band through their Instagram and stream their previous releases on Spotify