Get Spooked & Hammered By Turning Netflix’s New Horror Short Film Into A Drinking Game

Halloween is approaching and we’re currently being blessed with a flurry of spooky content to gear ourselves up for the event.

Recently, JUICE raved about a Malaysian horror short that depicts one of the scariest things ever known to mankind, but we’re not going to spoil it for you here.

Naturally, streaming giant Netflix decided to hop in on the fun by releasing a horror short of their own on their YouTube platform.

However, while most productions require a writing room, this 4-minute video was written entirely by bots.

Aptly named, The First Horror Movie Written Entirely By Bots, the short is available for you to stream for free.

Since it was written by bots, the film contains all of our beloved horror movie cliches and tropes so we can point at the screen and go, “Hey, I recognise that reference!”

The funniest references in this video has to be its homage to Jennifer’s Body and Saw. 

Animated in a way that looks like an archaic PS2 game, the short leans more towards humour than it does horror. The dialogue also feels similar to an Adult Swim skit.

To spice it up, we feel that the best way to watch this short film is to invite a few friends over (or watch it together virtually) and take a shot every time you recognise a cliché horror movie trope.

Trust me, 4 minutes is all you need to get absolutely hammered!

Watch the short below and let us know how bad your hangover is the next day: