Futuristic Anti-Pandemic Suit for Concert Goers Coming Soon & It’s Totally Toilet-Friendly

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Travis Scott’s virtual concert in online game Fortnite (source: gamesradar.com)

As we all know, concerts have been effectively postponed until 2021 as an effort to flatten the curve during the Covid-19 pandemic. This implementation is taken so seriously that last month, Travis Scott decided to have his concert online in Fortnite.

With that, the creative design team at Production Club took it upon themselves to help the community return to their concert-going habit by creating a solution to the problem rather than waiting for the vaccine to materialise (which could take awhile).

Enter the ‘Micrashell’ suit, a futuristic get-up that looks like an outfit design straight outta video games. The aim: to allow safe partying and to revive the currently deteriorating event/concert industry by making it pandemic-appropriate.

The suit is made of an air-tight top suit and helmet made of tactical, high-performance, cut-resistant fabric and developed for durability, endurance, and easy-disinfecting.

The suit was designed as a means to expedite the return to normalcy. Function was prioritised over flair, as explained by head of invention Miguel Risueno,

“The principle designing the suit was, knowing this is a time-sensitive matter, let’s not pack it with sci-fi features that don’t yet exist and will be roadblocks, but [let’s] use technologies that are available to us. If we don’t do that, we’re just navel-gazing instead of actually trying to solve a problem.”

source: production.club

Despite prioritising its goal to make it safe to go to concerts as soon as possible, the company added a couple of features for you to really enjoy the concert–the design comes with two canisters for your drink and vape that are built into the helmet so you don’t have to take it off, which would defeat its purpose.

Risueno mentioned he was inspired by beer-helmets and the culture of hotboxing which is not surprising coming from a company that describes itself on Instagram as “a multidisciplinary team designing and producing shows, parties, and experiences blah blah blah…”. The suit even comes with a built-in powerbank for you to charge your phone. Glory to technology!

In addition to that, the Micrashell is also toilet-friendly which is a relief because those who own jumpsuits and rompers know the struggle of having to strip naked every time we need to got to the bathroom. Production Club added that if you wanted to maybe get it on with someone, you could do that as well. I bet it’ll feel like having sex in space, High Life-style.

Now, this suit is no flying car (which is something we all thought would happen in 2020 for some reason) but it is a futuristic glimpse into what may be in store for us in years to come. The innovation and creativity behind the design is something writers in the ’80s would have come-up with when writing about our generation and I think that’s a step in the right direction.

Can’t wait to see how we’ll be rocking these suits when it’s finally available to the public but until then…

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