Frontliners at PPVs in Sarawak Celebrate Sarawak Day by Dressing-Up & Singing State Anthem

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Sarawak Day falls on every July 22 to celebrate the day Sarawak achieved independence in 1963.

As a way to commemorate the event, front liners and volunteers from the Dinner World Bintulu PPV dressed to the nines in traditional costumes as they sang their state anthem ‘Ibu Pertiwiku’.

Bintulu Health officer Dr Melvin Chung, who was invited to the ceremony, was pleased to be met with such a warm celebration that not only brought the people at the PPV together but remained adherent to SOPs as well.

After the singing of the anthem, two female volunteers performed the ‘ngajat’ dance before waving the Sarawak flag to signal the end of the event.

“We hope with this simple event, we are still able to deliver messages on the standard operating procedure (SOP) compliance to all people and frontliners,” he said.

source: @raaaaaziq on Twitter

Meanwhile, a PPV in UNIMAS also celebrated their Independence Day by dressing up in traditional garments and welcoming guests at the entrance.

Vaccine recipients were so thrilled to see this display of nationalism that they began taking photos of the volunteers even from outside of the building.

Watch it below:

source: @raaaaaziq on Twitter

It’s heartwarming to see front liners and volunteers put in effort to cheer up the nation despite the immense pressure they are currently under with the constant rise in Covid-19 cases.

Albeit in a smaller scale this year, their endearing attempt at celebrating Sarawak Day did not go unnoticed.

Featured image by @raaaaaziq