Framework On Authorisation Of Medical CBD Products To Be Announced Soon, Says Khairy

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An unanticipated update has been confirmed in regards to the initiatives of Malaysian authorities towards introducing CBD products for therapeutical purposes within the country.

Earlier today, The Ministry of Health stated that it will soon announce a framework that allows specified cannabidiol (CBD) items to be licenced within the next year.

The guideline, according to its minister Khairy Jamaluddin, will be published “relatively soon,” and the department will invite proposal entries for CBD products which should be authorised.

“Because the ministry is dedicated to research and evidence, it demonstrates that if science points us in a certain path, we cannot ignore it.

“I’m reassured by the science of CBD products. I’m working internally to guarantee that everybody in the Ministry of Health is on board with this,” he said at the liftoff of The Centre’s review on Malaysians’ Attitudes Toward Narcotic Concerns, as reported by NST.

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As per Khairy, CBD products will be used for self-medicating purposes only and should be prescribed by a medical professional.

He added that training programmes for health workers would be required to guarantee they comprehended the contexts that permitted the prescribing of CBD products.

“How we do this has to be stepwise and optimised. I believe we are prepared; the discourse has been beneficial. Next year will be an appropriate benchmark.”

Khairy stated in April that the ministry encouraged any sector or scientific research into the pharmacological utilisation CBD.

In November last year, he stated that if there was adequate credible evidence for it to be introduced to the market, requests for the use of medicinal marijuana may be forwarded to the Drug Control Authority for assessment and licencing.

Apart from the health ministry, Malaysian politician and chairman of the Medical Cannabis Caucus Syed Saddiq said in May that he believes Malaysia’s law needs to change to acknowledge cannabis as an alternative therapy.

Syed Saddiq said he had addressed the problem with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob in April, and proposed that the Attorney-Chambers Generals be given the ability to give higher consideration to cases involving cannabis. It was also reported that the Prime Minister responded well to the suggestion.

The Muar MP also appeared in court a few times to declare his solidarity with Nasyid artist and composer Muhammad Yasin Sulaiman, who was convicted of growing cannabis plants and distributing 214g of cannabis at his condominium in Kota Damansara.


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Shortly before escaping the death penalty for drug trafficking, the artist released a message to reporters saying that cannabis is not a narcotic.

He also noted that medical cannabis has been decriminalised in 40 developed nations as “God did not make the cannabis tree unnecessarily; the cannabis tree is used for medical purposes”.