“I could ‘crack’ at any time” Nasyid Singer Facing Death Penalty For Ganja Claims “Medical Use”

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“Send my regards to Syed Saddiq“, was the message from singer and composer Yasin Sulaiman to members of the media when he arrived at the court complex on Thursday (31 March) at 10 am.

According to FMT, the former nasyid singer from the group, Brothers was charged under Section 39B (1)(a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 and can be penalised under Section 39B(2) of the same Act.

However, no plea was recorded after the charges were read in front of Magistrate Zhafran Rahim Hamzah yesterday because the case was under the jurisdiction of a higher court.

Meanwhile, the prosecution was conducted by deputy public prosecutors Mohammad Al-Saifi Hashim and Asnawi Abu Hanipah while Yasin was represented by lawyer Yusmadi Yusoff. Yusmadi urged the court to grant Yasin bail as he only cultivated cannabis for medicinal purposes.

“My client has bipolar disorder and needs treatment,” he told members of the media who had gathered outside the courtroom.

When brought to court earlier, Yasin, whose full name is Muhammad Yasin Sulaiman, 46 said he was in poor health.

“My health is very bad, and I’m worried I could ‘crack’ at any time,” he told reporters.

That’s when Yasin also conveyed a message to Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, who has been pushing Putrajaya to look into approving hemp and medical marijuana farming due to its economic and health benefits.

(source: The Star)

“Greetings to YB Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman. Please ask (the government) to allow the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes,” he said.

Under the Act, those found with more than 200 grams of cannabis “shall be presumed, until the contrary is proved, to be trafficking in the said drug”. He faces the death penalty or life in prison and no less than 15 lashes of the rotan.

ICYMI, police initially found 214g of compressed dried leaves believed to be ganja on 24 March, and further checks revealed a make-shift greenhouse as well as 17 ganja plants. The seizure was worth at least RM10,200.

(source: The Star)