What Did NASA’s Telescope See On Your Birthday?

source: Financial Times

Our birthdays are usually a cause for celebration. We see smiling faces, lit candles on birthday cakes and hopefully a ton of cash in those envelopes. But no matter how many people show up to your birthday bash at Kyo, everything is still small and insignificant in the grand scale of things.

That is until you can see how your birthday affected the universe.

source: Business Insider

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is recording the galaxy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because of this, it’s bound to capture some pretty amazing stuff since the universe is vast beyond our imagination. And since it’s constantly capturing images of the world, there’s a high chance something cool happened on your birthday.

To illustrate, my birthday (and also Emma Watson’s by the way #noflex) looked like this. In my opinion, it looks a lot like a Gaspar Noe-induced acid trip, the Bifrost Bridge from Thor or a holographic Cheeto.

source: hubblesite.org

All you have to do is enter your birth date and NASA will tell you what cosmic occurrence happened on your birthday along with a picture of the event.

source: nasa.gov

I think this is a great way to make people feel special since us humans love believing we’re more than just a blip in the universe. With this, our birthdays can actually be linked to kaleidoscopic assemblages of pretty colours in space and I don’t think there’s a better way to feel good about yourself other than that.

With that said, I’m sure you’re itching to find out how other people’s galaxies look like so I took it upon myself to search up some famous people’s birthdays just for your viewing pleasure. Maybe we can see a correlation between their stars and their personality?

1. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

Born on May 15, our Prime Minister’s galaxy forecast is Red Spots on Jupiter. According to NASA, “This image captures three red spots in Jupiter’s atmosphere. The famous Great Red Spot appears on the right, while “Red Spot Jr.” is to the lower left and an even smaller “baby red spot” appears at left.”

At first glance, his piece looks like an up-close image of a Monet painting, maybe one of the ocean during sunrise? Could this be foreshadowing tranquility or is it irony since his election as Prime Minister caused the most uproar within the Malaysian political climate?

Maybe the baby red spots and Red Spot Jr. could be a precursor to his children continuing his legacy? I don’t know… If only NASA came with a fortune teller and a crystal ball.

2. Zarina Anjoulie

Born on September 9, the Queen of membawang on IG Live and IGTV, Zarina Anjoulie’s galaxy forecast is V838 Monocerotis Light Echo. That sounds like the newest model of Tesla car that I can’t afford.

Well, according to NASA, “This image captures a light echo from the star V838 Monocerotis. After the star brightened temporarily, light from that eruption began propagating outward through a dusty cloud around the star. The light reflects or “echoes” off the dust and then travels to Earth.”

I mean the description is perfect on this one. Her acting career may have been dim, but soon after, her career as a professional trash talker on the Internet erupted onto our boring social media accounts and gave us something entertaining to watch in quarantine. Zarina’s voice is so loud and resonating that it echoes off Instagram and bounces to every social media platform there is, Twitter and Facebook specifically.

3. Cik B

Born on May 19, Cik B or her full name Cik B Havoc (and if that’s not her real name, she should legally change it) is the carefree icon of our generation. She proved her legendary status by making TikToks mocking Azwan Ali when he was spouting insults towards her and her mother, Datuk Seri Vida. The amount of IDGAF attitude she exudes is actually quite precocious.

So what is Cik B’s forecast? According to NASA, it’s Jupiter’s Auroras. Hubble used its ultraviolet vision to observe auroras around Jupiter’s north pole. Auroras are formed when charged particles in the space around the planet are accelerated along the planet’s magnetic field lines and interact with gases in the atmosphere.

Okay… I got nothing. It’s kinda disappointing that someone so enigmatic and interesting has such a boring description. Maybe John Green was right, there is a fault in our stars…

4. Ahmad Idham

A New Year’s baby, our favourite director, writer, actor, singer and meme, Ahmad Idham was born on January 1. After producing the finest piece of local cinema to date, I wonder if he had a bigger impact on the universe than he did on our calibre of Malaysian film. I imagine it wouldn’t be hard since he was born on the first day of the year. Idham’s galaxy forecast is Galaxy Leo IV.

According to NASA, “Leo IV is one of more than a dozen ultra-faint dwarf galaxies near the Milky Way. These galaxies are dominated by dark matter, an invisible substance that makes up most of the universe’s mass.”

Err, okay I’m gonna try to not hurt his feelings. The fact that he is categorised as one of many ultra-faint dwarf galaxies means there are more abysmal directors in our midst that we have yet to reprimand on social media. Let’s keep an eye out for that.

In addition to that, Leo IV is dominated by dark matter and I can’t help but think that maybe Idham is a tortured artist. Maybe he doesn’t want to make movies about 40 year old men dating 20 year old women and it’s the dark forces around him that are forcing his hand? Hey man, blink twice if you need help!

source: nasa.gov

Anyway, this archive from NASA is a fun way to compare your forecast with your friends while we’re social distancing. NASA even encourages it and asks you to use #Hubble30 when you post it online. So, go ahead and try it!

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