Facebook is Playing Cupid with its New Dating Feature

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Tinder has met its newest contender in the dating app game and it’s the unassuming Facebook!

So you think Facebook is meant for working folks, normies and old people? Well, think again. The Zuck is penetrating new horizons with this Dating-extension launch.

Facebook reminding us about how they value our privacy lol..

Facebook Dating is the recent extension to the heavyweight social media platform and it promises to deliver safety, integrity and privacy into your online dating life. Located as a feature on the Facebook app, users must create a separate Dating account in order to utilise this new addition. The way it works is that the users will match based on their preferences, interests and pattern of using Facebook. Launching in 19 countries, including Malaysia (woohoo), this app is dedicated to giving people an easy and controllable dating experience.

According to Charmaine Hung, the Technical Program Manager for Facebook Dating,

“Currently, there are more than 200 million people who have listed themselves as single in their relationship status on Facebook. Many of them already use Facebook to start meaningful relationships. We view this as an incredible opportunity to connect people should they choose to explore meaningful romantic relationships,”

Here’s a demo on how it looks like:

Here’s how it works:

Facebook Dating is only legible if you have downloaded the latest Facebook update and made a dedicated account specifically to use this feature. Despite US lawmakers urging for a crack down on Facebook’s handling of user data and potential privacy violations, Facebook understands (at least when it comes to online dating) that you wouldn’t want to air your dirty laundry to your grandma and grandpa who currently have you as a friend on Facebook. Hence, a new, private account.

The matching system is based on similar interests, preferences and things you are actively participating in on Facebook. This helps significantly in finding your perfect match who hopefully loves Quentin Tarantino films just as much as you do.

A unique and absolutely welcomed feature is the choice of listing your own gender which gives you the option of being gender fluid. In collaboration with the LGBT community, NGOs such as GLAAD and Transgender Law Center, Facebook Dating’s goal is to ensure inclusivity and transparency.

Harking back to the element of privacy, only those who are suggested to you and whom you are suggested to can see your Dating profile unless you opt for the option of opening it to more mutual friends. This eliminates the chance of your nosy acquaintances poking their heads into your budding love life until you decide to announce it.

Furthermore, Facebook Dating has gotten rid of those nasty spammers who pester you non-stop with monotonous openers–“Hey boo”, “You there?”, “Pls reply :(“–which gives you a minor migraine. With Dating, you can only open with 1 message until the person you’re talking to responds and it is limited to text to hinder any sending of inappropriate pics.

To enhance your Dating experience, users can opt in to Events and Groups to see other daters who have chosen the same option. By doing this, you can find more people who are going to the same places as you are, maybe resulting in a meet-cute, if you will. Also, by entering Groups, it is easier to engage in discussions regarding your favourite topics and it’s always fun to have a partner you can debate with.

As if I haven’t stressed enough on the great privacy element of Dating, this new extension also allows you to hide or block people from your circle of friends because some of them, God bless their souls, are just annoying as hell and we don’t need that kind of energy in our lives.

Bonus round:

‘Secret Crush’ is an advanced version of Dating where you can choose up to 9 Facebook friends who you have a crush on- kind of elementary but cute nonetheless. If your friend/crush is a part of Dating as well, they will get a notification stating that someone has a crush on them. When your crush adds you to their Secret Crush list, that immediately results in a match. Congratulations! But don’t be embarrassed if you didn’t get matched, nobody will know that you’ve added that particular person into your list hence the emphasis on it being a ‘secret’.

Here’s how Secret Crush looks like in action:

What’s coming soon for Dating:

Users can share their live location and upcoming date with their family and friends through Messenger. Commence the gossip!

Now that you’re completely in-the-know with Facebook Dating, it’s time to take it for a spin! Godspeed and I hope you won’t encounter any Subang Tinder Boys on your journey to find love…

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