EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: The Peachskins Bois are Back with a New Single ‘Skincare’

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(credit image: The Peachskins)

Yes, The Peachskins boys are back after God knows how long. Last year, we put them on our list of Malaysian acts you should look out for. We’ve seen them live and we fell in love with the band.

Their new song, ‘Skincare’ is a result of progress and growth since their lo-fi, indie pop days of ‘Delorean Daydream’. It has a lot of flavours, like your favourite , cholesterol-induced nasi lemak which is a great thing, of course.

The song hasn’t been released yet, but we got the JUICE, so you can listen to the exclusive preview below:

‘Skincare’  is a refined track, representing The Peachskins at their best, with beats reminiscent of modern day RnB pop with groovy bass lines, some synth undertones and a dash of funk. Frontman Rafique’s charming and melodic vocals gives the song that glow (see what we did there?) and wraps up the song nicely, like your fav nasi lemak bungkus.

They’re also not afraid to show that boys can and should take care of themselves! Shop with your girlfriend/boyfriend, share skincare tips, get that glow and be in love. And I quote,We don’t care about the drama, we done cleanse all the trauma. or in other words, them pores.

(image credit: The Peachskins)

Skincare by The Peachskins officially comes out on August 25, 2019 on all streaming platforms. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates and sapot your local acts!

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