2,000 Residents, Businesses & A Dog Shelter Were Badly Affected by The Seremban Flash Floods

(source: Sinar Harian)

Seremban was hit by major flash floods in the wee hours of the morning yesterday which wreaked havoc on the lives of residents and caused extensive damage. Many are concern as the city will also be placed under CMCO for two weeks beginning today.

The flood is said to have affected 2,000 victims from 15 areas, including Seremban and Rembau districts, with a total of 87 flood victims from 18 families being moved to evacuation centres. In the district of Rantau alone, the flooding was the third this year, after similar incidents in September and October.

In a report by Malay Mail, Seremban Fire and Rescue station officer Mohamad Idris said that a man was reported missing, believed to have been washed away by strong currents from the overflowed nearby river in Jalan Rasah, Taman Happy, at 1.30am.

Many of the local businesses were devastated too after their business premises were destroyed.

A prayer materials and flower shop owner in Kuala Sawah, Rantau, K. Kanniamah, 48, said the latest flood was the worst she had experienced in her 15 years living there.

“As the water reached my ankles, my first thought was of my shop and when I reached it, I saw all my products were destroyed. My losses are estimated at RM15,000,” she said.

(source: Bernama)

A government retiree, Norzaini Ahmad, who is staying at the relief centre was in a state of shock over the latest flood as this is the third time she has had to face it this year.

“I’ve cried so many times and have given up because this problem seems never-ending… I not only have to sustain estimated losses of nearly RM10,000 but my family and I have to once again move to an evacuation centre,” she said.

Besides that, Malaysians were shocked when The Persatuan Penyelamat Haiwan Terbiar Furrykids Safehaven animal shelter uploaded pictures and videos asking for help after 54 dogs, including puppies, drowned in the flash floods.

The pitiful sight shows dogs that had drowned and surviving ones taking refuge on the roof or standing in knee-deep waters.

Sathiavany Madhavan, the secretary for the home, told Bernama that water began rising at the shelter at 3.30 am following a downpour.

“Our worker who stays at the shelter informed us that it was getting flooded and the water level had risen well above 4ft within 30 minutes. We ordered him and our six other workers to release the dogs from the cages as we did not have enough staff members to carry the cages to safety”, she said.

Sathiavany said many of the dogs managed to climb the roof of the shelter and waited there but many others panicked and were swept away by the swift-flowing waters. The shelter also reported damage to food stocks and other supplies.

While the residents of Seremban are forced to deal with the flood in the middle of a pandemic – in the spirit of #RakyatJagaRakyat, let’s all try our best to aid them by donating via your local charity organisation and to anyone in the area who needs help.