Doggie & Owner Captures Our Hearts By Wearing A Face Mask In Public

The owner was praised for making sure his adorable brown dog was safe during the pandemic. ― Screengrab from TikTok/@shafiq_joker

With the fluctuating cases of daily Covid-19 cases and the recent extension of the MCO, everyone is on edge when it comes to curbing the deadly virus.

Adhering to the SOPs have become a daily routine for most humans but this is one of the rare occasions where we see a canine following the same regulations.

Fortunately recorded by Tik Tok user @shafiq_joker at an intersection, netizens were tickled with glee when they saw a doggo riding in-front of their owner donning a face mask.

The video shows a man pointing towards the onlooker and signalling for his dog to pose for the camera. The dog, obedient as he is, gives the audience a full-view of him obeying Covid-19 SOPs with his hooman face mask.

Take a look:


@shafiq_jokerBalas kepada @sulaiman4667 isteri smpai sakit perut gelak🤣🤣🤣♬ bunyi asal – shafiq_joker

The caption of the video reads, “My wife laughed so hard, her stomach started to hurt.” The adorable moment has garnered over 2 million views on Tik Tok at the time of writing with close to 3k comments.

The comments mostly applauded the uncle and his cute doggo for not only being cute in general, but also for following the SOPs to such an extent.

It’s endearing to see unanimous love for dogs from all Malaysians after a horrid few months of disheartening news on dog abuse and the death of Johnny, the stray dog that was hired to guard Seri Manjung Mangrove Park. Let’s hope this is the pivotal turn we needed!