Viral Nasi Lemak Stall Owner That Befriended A Stray Dog Is Now In Shah Alam Giving Out Free Food

There’s nothing we love more than nasi lemak and cute doggos. Combining those two with the addition of philanthropy just makes for an even more heartwarming story.

Popular nasi lemak stall Nasi Lemak Jambatan Tamparuli (NLJT) which originated in Sarawak went viral when the owner, Ustaz Mohd Ali Jainneh, befriended a stray dog that would always queue to get its own nasi lemak.

The doggo was such a frequent customer that he was even given a name which is, Abang Long. He soon started popping up more and more on the stall’s Instagram page. He became so well loved that customers even started taking pictures with him.

Check out the cutie below:

Sadly, Mohd Ali and Abang Long had to part ways when the owner’s wife received the opportunity to work in Shah Alam. Before leaving, he made sure to feed his canine buddy one last time.

Mohd Ali gave Abang Long one last piece of fried chicken on his last day operating in Sarawak. — Picture via Instagram/@nasi_lemak_jambatan_tamparuli

Now opening up shop in Shah Alam, NLJT has decided to give away nasi lemak for free to those in need. Uploading to Instagram, they announced that they will be giving away 100 packs of nasi lemak a day for a week on 2 February to 7 February.

Despite being known for their tasty nasi lemak ayam, the stall will be giving away nasi lemak biasa as a sample for just how delicious their pandan rice and sambal can be.

Located at Jalan Ibus 18/40, Seksyen 18 Shah Alam, you can head on over to get your own nasi lemak which was so famous in Sarawak that it even had its own cult following (which also consisted of dogs).

Their operating time is 5:30am to 9:30am so early birds get the nasi lemak.

During times like these, acts of kindness and philanthropy are more than welcome. And if it involves nasi lemak, well, then that’s just a bonus.