Johnny, The Stray Dog Hired to Guard Mangrove Park Dies After Being Run Over by a Vehicle

Johny and Puppy. source: Kosmo

One of the two stray dogs, Johnny, that was taken in by the Manjung Municipal Council has been found dead after he was run over by a vehicle earlier on Friday. The sad news was shared on Facebook on Saturday, 14 February.

Just two weeks ago, stray dogs Johnny and Puppy were taken in by the council to guard the Seri Manjung Mangrove Park and its visitors from monkeys and other dangerous animals that roam there.

In the two months they were “hired”, the two doggos were also in charge of chasing away wild monkeys that occasionally steal handbags and food from visitors in the park.

Rest in peace buddy 🙁  source: Manjung Municipal Council

Khairol Nizam Mohd Zaki, one of the security guards there, said Johnny and Puppy intrigued so many people including the council staff, with their obedience and eagerness to help.

“These two dogs are my ‘co-workers’ and their presence has kept the naughty wild monkeys here under control as they are afraid of them,” he said.

He trained the two dogs for a week before they started their job. Initially, he was scared to go near Johnny and Puppy, “But I took pity on them and began to feed them. They have been in this park ever since,” he said.

Although well-trained and tamed, they wouldn’t even go near visitors and would even bark at them if they tried to feed the monkeys. Khairol Nizam said Johnny and Puppy’s presence kept the Seri Manjung Mangrove Park safe.