Ditch The Utensils & Get Your Hands Dirty with KFC’s Literal Finger Lickin’ Good ‘Burger Banjir’

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Malaysian culture is drowning our burgers in sauce and indulging in the world’s messiest food, so it’s perfect that KFC is living up to their Finger Lickin’ Good motto by bringing us their newest addition, the Burger Banjir.

Why waste time with utensils and pressed napkins when we can use our God-given hands to grub on a deliciously (and generously) coated burger?

The KFC Burger Banjir is exactly what it sounds like: sloppy, messy and unapologetically Malaysian!

This new burger elevates the signature Hot & Spicy Zinger by adding a sh*t ton of Grill BBQ Sauce.

Completed with the other integral components of a burger such as mayo, lettuce and a toasted bun, the Burger Banjir is said to break all the rules in food etiquette.

With something this indulgent, stocks will only last for so long. Exclusively available at all KFC stores nationwide, this burger is only available for a limited time so if you want to get sloppy, now’s your chance.

Starting at RM12.49, you can get 10% off when you apply the promo code BANJIR exclusively via KFC delivery and app.

So, let’s all drown our sorrows with that tasty BBQ sauce and maybe fill our tummies with some cheesy wedges to top it all off.