WATCH: Katy Perry’s Adorable Reaction After Trying ‘Rendang’ & ‘Pulut Kuning’ by M’sian-Born Chef

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(source: YouTube)

While Malaysians were indoors celebrating Hari Raya Haji with some delicious Raya food, coincidentally, a clip of celebrity hitmaker Katy Perry trying out rendang and pulut kuning (sticky rice) was seen circulating on social media.

Turns out, it was for a special episode of Masterchef Australia with a theme that follows Katy Perry’s own hit – “Hot n’ Cold”. The episode features a challenge that requires contestants to make a variety of dishes with incredibly spicy flavours.

In the episode, Malaysian-born chef Poh Ling Yeow – who now lives in Australia – makes a dish that represents her home and its culture. Specifically, the chef created duck rendang and yellow sticky rice wrapped in pandan crepe topped with chillies for that extra kick!

(source: YouTube)

When first shown to the judges, Perry notes that Poh’s serving reminded her of a traditional Mexican dish, the Burrito. Perry, who samples the rendang as it’s being made, coughs as the spices hit her.

When Poh asks if she may have added too much of the spices, Perry jokingly quips to fellow jury Melissa Leong, “Poh is trying to kill me”.

But, Perry’s final assessment of the Malaysian dish got her dancing even with her baby bump and you know that it’s a banger when food makes you do that. Watch the full clip here: