Delivery Rider Rescues Injured Dog In A Plastic Bag That Was Dumped In Cheras

(Source: Perropet)

Imagine having to start your day by witnessing a cruel act of animal abuse at the side of a street. For delivery rider, Rozaidi Hashim, that’s exactly what happened when he saw three men dumping a dog at a nearby dumpster at the 12th milestone Jalan Cheras.

According to Rozaidi in The Star, the men had immediately taken off after leaving the dog. When he went to inspect, he had found the poor animal tied-up in a transparent plastic bag with a massive wound on its neck.

(Source: The Star)

Without further ado, and almost in tears, Rozaidi untied the bag and called an animal rescue organization. He was also lucky to have noted down the plate number of the truck.

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) sent a volunteer from the group to the scene and called the nearby Fire and Rescue Department so that the dog could be handed over to them.

(Source: PerroMart Malaysia)

As of now, the dog is in good hands and has been taken to a veterinary clinic in Puchong to be treated for a maggot infection in its neck. The veterinarian who is treating the dog suspects the wound was infected due to the tight chain around its neck.

If it wasn’t for Rozaidi’s good efforts, the poor dog would not survive this cruel act. It has also been reported that Rozaidi has lodged a police report at the Bukit Sentosa police station in Rawang in hopes that the culprits behind this heinous act will be caught soon.