‘DDU’ Vehicle Plate Breaks Records For Highest Bids & Netizens Believe It’s Because of Blackpink

We’ve heard of auspicious numbers fetching a high price, but personalised license plate numbers in Malaysia range in prices too. This is because some numbers are reserved for members of the royal family or other influential people like a Tan Sri or a Dato. Some of the most expensive license plate numbers can cost up to RM90k-RM500k.

For us common folk, we tend to settle for any license plate we can get, although there are some of us who are big fans of pop culture and are willing to pay for a chance to flaunt our devotion.

source: Berita Harian

Recently, according to Bernama, the Kelantan Road Transport Department (RTD) recorded the highest collection of bids for the vehicle registration number involving DDU, which amounted to RM1.78million.

Kelantan RTD director, Hanif Yusabra Yusuf, stated that this number exceeded their expectations and is the highest collection since the electronic bidding for plates was introduced. He said,

“The total bidding price for the DDU series involved the DDU 1 registration number, worth RM118,888, and serial numbers DDU 83 and DDU 117 received the highest bids with 13 bidders.”

He added that the remaining unregistered registration numbers will be open to the public to be purchased at the minimum price.

Netizens have speculated as to why this specific series of numbers have garnered so much buzz and most of them believe it’s because of Blackpink.

For the uncultured, here’s what we’re talking about:

On Twitter, Kpop stans are seizing this golden opportunity to call out the state of Kelantan for being Blinks (the fanbase for Blackpink) and to share their fancams.

Take a look:

While Bernama didn’t specify the main reason for the DDU plate to be such a hot commodity, through my powers of deduction (or in laymen terms, reckless assumption), it’s probably because the folks of Kelantan are just huge Blackpink fans.

And if they aren’t, they should be!