Customs Department Seizes RM7mil Worth Of Drugs Hidden In Furniture & Bathrobes

source: The Star

Officers from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM) recently seized a large amount of illegal substances believed to be ketamine and methamphetamine during two separate incidents at KLIA earlier this month. Combined, the drugs’ weight came over 128kg.

JKDM estimates that the total value of all of the substances seized valued around RM7 million in total. On both occasions, the drugs were craftily hidden in tables and even shower robes!

source: Harian Metro

Deputy Head of Customs – Datuk Abdul Halim Ramli (pictured in the middle) stated that the busts were made approximately around 3.30pm on 13 October by on-duty customs officers examining domestic goods scheduled to be exported to an East Asian country via KLIA’s cargo plane.

He also explained how the aforementioned cargo came disguised as boxed, wrapped-up furniture weighing around 366kg. Once the wrappings came off, it revealed three folded tables.

source: YouTube