Caprice Demands Apology & Threatens RM30 Million Lawsuit Against Mydin Over ‘Disparaging Tweet’

source: Berita Harian

Yesterday (October 19), Mydin on Mydin Malaysia’s Twitter uploaded three pictures with the message, “First I intended to buy tea only, but ended up purchasing a cap and rice. Once home, I felt like I don’t even need the items. Fortunately Mydin allows returns within 24 hours.”

In response to that, Caprice, 33, claimed to have felt insulted and publicly embarrassed by Mydin’s statement.

“We (Caprice and his lawyers) will pursue legal action and hope that Mydin apologises via video for the demeaning action,” read a statement uploaded onto Caprice’s Instagram profile.

Caprice also posted two Instagram stories highlighting the matter. One was a screenshot of Mydin’s tweet along with a timestamp which he utilised as a ‘countdown’ for the 24-hour allocation he provided for Mydin to issue an official apology.

“I didn’t think a well-known brand would be willing to make these snide remarks,” he wrote.

The next story depicted how the local rapper felt humiliated by the act, noting that he would forever be traumatised by Mydin’s workers and patrons.

Mydin’s Managing Director, Datuk Dr Ameer Ali Mydin when contacted about the matter, simply stated, “Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas,” (the person who made the mistake is the one who feels the pinch), adding that his party will subsequently issue a statement on Twitter.

Earlier today, Mydin also posted the following tweet, which netizens believe may be linked to the statement:

The admin also caused quite a stir on social media with this not-so-subtle retweet:

Others have opined that Mydin’s Twitter account frequently publishes tweets of comical nature, and this particular tweet was also made with the same nature.

Some also noted that Caprice may have trouble suing the company on the grounds of defamation, as the tweet did not explicitly mention his name.

In fact, our editor didn’t even notice Caprice’s relatedness to Mydin’s tweet when we first showed it to him… but he’s 41 [Ed’s Note: I noticed this!].