Police Officers, a Datuk & Other Individuals Involved in ‘Macau Scam’ Arrested by MACC

source: YOY Network/ Financial Times

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) have found RM100,000 in the house of one of the police officers that was arrested in relation to a money-laundering syndicate involving businesses by local artists.

Apart from the officer, three more officers with different ranks and four senior officers were detained in a series of arrests today and yesterday, according to a source.

“MACC found RM100,000 in cash at the home of one of the officers arrested to assist in the investigation,” an MACC spokesperson said in Harian Metro.

SPRM also seized 23 high-end cars, from Bentley, Ford Mustang, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Nissan GTR and a few high-end motorcycles as well.

One police officer from Selangor Contingent Police Headquarters (IPK) was arrested for allegedly being acquainted to a suspect with a ‘Datuk’ title that was arrested previously.

source: Berita Harian

“The officer was arrested to help the investigation for the case and his involvement in the syndicate operation,” MACC told Harian Metro.

Prior to this, reports by Harian Metro suggested the existence of an operation using the popularity of local celebrities to launder money through ventures and legal businesses.

source: Selangor Kini

The syndicate was discovered by the MACC Anti-Money Laundering Division after investigations were carried out. Five individuals, including men with Datuk and Datuk Seri titles were arrested.

Following the arrests, more men were apprehended to assist in the ongoing investigation.

Recently, a video of the suspects enjoying themselves at a lavish party went viral on social media.