Comedian Uncle Roger & Chef Wan Have A Showdown Full of Sexual Innuendos & Yummy Food

Uncle Roger and BBC Host Will Go On A Fried Rice Showdown - Who Will Cook Better?

You can say that Malaysians are more defensive about our food than a lot of other things in our country…

So when Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, more popularly known as Uncle Roger, started criticising the way mat salleh people cook our beloved local dishes, everyone banded together in solidarity with his videos.

Integrating his signature exaggerated Malaysian Chinese uncle accent, his videos gained momentum after he went viral for bashing untouchable international chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver with his sarcastic humour and sharp tongue.

Now, he’s going back to his roots and challenging Malaysia’s favourite homegrown chef, Chef Wan.

Haiyaa, how to cook like that," Uncle Roger Breaks Out In Sweat As He Gets Schooled By Chef Wan | Fly FM

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Uncle Roger pays the ever-jovial chef a visit at his restaurant called Cafe Chef Wan (his expertise did not extend towards creative name-giving apparently) at KL East Mall.

The comedian was greeted politely before they began their friendly showdown, both parties dishing out the jokes and the digs.

Naturally, the two have great chemistry as they’re both comfortable in-front of the camera. Fortunately for us, this makes for an entertaining video filled with hilarious local humour, delicious food and some surprising sexual innuendos. I guess the heat is really getting to Chef Wan…

Watch the two bicker about MSG and nasi kangkang below:

Uncle Roger may look tough now but I hope he meets the true Queen of Malaysian food who even intimidated Gordon Ramsay. We’ll see how well his humour fares then!