Malaysians Will Be Able To Try KFC’s Meatless ‘Zero Chicken Burger’ Starting Tomorrow

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source: Mashable SEA

KFC Malaysia just dropped a teaser for an upcoming burger called the Zero Chicken Burger, a plant-based burger that will be released on 9 February 2021.

The KFC Zero Chicken Burger was introduced to the Singaporean market months ago. On their website, KFC describes the meatless burger as the “same Original Recipe, but different on the inside.”

“The Zero Chicken Burger boasts a meat-free patty, made with the Original Recipe of the 11 herbs and spices we know and love, topped with a slice of cheese and a splash of tangy BBQ sauce,” it reads on the website.

source: KFC Singapore

Naturally, as plant-based proteins are gaining traction every year, vegetarians and vegans might raise their eyebrows at how the burgers are prepared in a kitchen that’s, well, full of chicken.

To this, KFC clears the air that the Zero Chicken Burger is neither vegetarian nor vegan-friendly since it contains dairy products, cheese and is cooked in the same oil and equipment as their other KFC products.

If you’re looking for an alternative other than the Zinger Burger, maybe this one’s for you. But how it tastes compared to other meatless burgers, that’s another story.

Maybe in the future, KFC Malaysia will open a KFC with a high-end salad bar like they did in Indonesia. Now comment “yas”, tofu lovers!

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