Celebrate Art on a Rooftop with In Defence of Poetry

Cover image: MASSES MY

Art has always been celebrated in unconventional spaces, whether it’s in a posh gallery or a super-indie space, it’s always confined. Kill The Radio presents a celebration of art unlike any other, where collaboration and experimentation come together in such an environment.

The gallery takes place in an urban subterranean attic and rooftop of a furniture warehouse that will soon be torn down. Expect topics of beauty, identity, feminism, sexuality and the status quo to be embedded in the performances and art that will fill up the ambience in the worn and rustic space.

For opening night, which will take place on the 7th of July, there will be a showcase of artworks and performances by Nazreen Abraham, Dhinesha and Emina Ashman, and DJs Smek, Zulamran and Iki O. Food and drinks will also be available.

The exhibition will run from 9 til 14 July from 1pm til 11pm. Explore the works of artists such as Sofia Haron, Yeeleng Ng, Sliz, Sophia Kamal, Kara Inez, Ajim Juxta and more.

(Ayu, 2017 by Sofia Haron. Source: Sofia Haron)

Kill The Radio‘s In Defence of Poetry to witness art unrestrained and raw. This is for the curious, this is for everyone.

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