This Artist Designs Cute Animal Pins You Didn’t Think You Need

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Here at JUICE, we sometimes (Actually all the time) spend hours on twitter and instagram every day, scrolling through every video that features cute animals.¬†If you’re like us, then any shape, form or style of cute meows and woofs are a need in life.

Our dedication to cute animals don’t go waste because 25 year-old designer and artist Voon Ann creates cute pins that including this super tubby corgi that we want, like, right now.

Check out that cape. And belly.

Other than the corgi, she designs two more pins like this bear with its guitar that’s probably jamming to some feel-good indie folk.

And a whale shark with the biggest smile.

Such adorbs, much cute.

Aside from the pins, Voo Ann also creates miniature versions of our favourite food.

A Malaysian favourite, the breakfast of champions.
Can we get 10 pepperoni?

Even though we love the pins and miniature food, we have to include her other works, especially due to the fact that she’s an Adventure Time fan. Check out these customised flats she did.

Voo Ann’s creativity is something that we applaud. It’s fun and too cute to look away.

Follow her on instagram for more cuteness or go to her Etsy page to get your hands on the pins for RM20.21 each.

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