This New App Tells You How Your Cat Is Feeling Just By Taking A Picture Of It

(Source: Low Yat and Metro UK)

Not too long ago, we wrote about an app called Meow Talk which records your cat’s meows and attempts to translate it.

Now, there’s another new app called Tably and this time, it lets you know how your cat might be feeling based on its expression so you can stop second-guessing.


All you have to do is take a clear and brightly lit picture on your smartphone of your furry friend and Tably will automatically identify its mood.

The brains behind this new app is Canadian artificial intelligence company, Sylvester AI. According to Peta Pixel, the company expresses that this app is much is based on the Feline Grimace Scale, a proven tool used by scientists to determine pain in animals based on facial expressions.

The app can quickly capture any signs of mood changes or if your cat is in pain by analysing their ear position, orbital tightening, muzzle tension, whisker position and head position, making it a useful tool for veterinarians when treating cats.

(Source: Peta Pixel)

As of meow, Tably is at open beta testing stage. If you’re interested to find out more, you can start by signing up on Sylvester AI’s website.

The app will soon be available on iOS and Android after testing, and the company has other plans up their sleeves for more animals too.

Guess now you’ll know whether Mr Grumpy is truly pissed or he just looks that way…