Dungun Cat Park Now Home to 100 Stray Cats, Encourages Donations to Expand Its Capacity

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source: Free Malaysia Today

From 30 felines, the cat park located in Bukit Bauk Forest Reserve in Dungun, Terengganu is now home to over 100 street cats that were picked up around markets, eateries, and other public places.

JUICE wrote about the cat sanctuary before, which is one of Dungun Municipal Council’s (MPD) initiatives to make sure there are fewer stray cats roaming around public spaces while taking care of them.

Currently, the park has five isolated cages according to health categories, namely Intensive Care Unit, Rehabilitation Unit, Happy Cat Unit, Happy Family Ward, and Mother and Child Treatment Ward.

source: Harian Metro

Since it opened its doors to the public in March, 2,000 cat lovers have flocked to the park. MPD President, Lizan Che Mat expects the number of visitors to grow, especially families with children. Visitors are also allowed to take cats home, provided they will take proper care of them.

The cat park can now accommodate around 150 cats at any time. He said they have plans in the future to expand the capacity for cats and are waiting for funds approval from the central government. If there are no obstacles, Lizan said the place could accommodate up to 300 stray cats.

However, Lizan said if any private companies or members of the public wish to help, any donation is welcomed to help get medical supplies and food. “It’s estimated that around RM100,000 is needed to add to the existing facilities including new cages,” he told Harian Metro.

source: Harian Metro

Besides that, he wants to remind the public that the park is not a dumping place for cats you don’t love anymore and that MPD has its own way of operating.

“Some misunderstood and many came to send cats they want to throw away to the park. We can’t accept it because this park is specifically for stray cats and not for cats that are no longer wanted by their owners,” he said.

JUICE hopes that this initiative could be made as an example and adopted by other local authorities because strays (both cats and dogs) are not bad, they just need some lovin’!

For more information about the park and how to donate, visit MPD’s official website or email them at [email protected]