WATCH: Local Psych-Rock Band Capt’n Trips & The Kid Debuts Single ‘Oostadarab’ For Upcoming Album

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The Dankyboiz done did it again!

In what seems to be their boldest and most unabashed album yet, PJ-based psych-rock ensemble Capt’n Trips & the Kid has released the single “Oostadarab” for their upcoming album titled Synthtech.

This latest offering from one of KL’s beloved groove daddies is a harmonious amalgamation of their signature psych-rock flair mixed in with a noticeable electronic influence.

Capt’n Trips & The Kid are a 6-piece rock band hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that found its early inception in the year of 2016.

Throughout the years, the band has gone through multiple iterations of cast.

Currently, the group consists of brothers Jes Ismael (lead vocals/guitar) and Jes Ebrahim (percussion), Yaqub Zulkifli (bass), Sean Totten (guitar), Uzayr Khalid (synths) and Omar Aiman (drums).

The band’s main soundscape revolves around psychedelic and alt-rock.

These influences can be heard particularly clearly in their first EP titled “SROOM” (2016), followed up by the albums “The Paraverse” in 2017 and “Iteration 33” in 2020.

Notable shows:

  •  2017
    • The Wknd Sessions Tun Deaf
    • Fred Perry Record Rally
    • Goonam Live at Livefact
    • Urbanscapes
  • 2019
    • Immersio by Filamen at Urbanscapes
    • Danky Grove

  • 2020
    • Down To Riot
    • 2021
    • Okinawa Music Festival
    • 11th Dimension by DAG
  • 2022
    • City Roars Festival KL
    • The Filters : Exhaler album launch
    • Capt’n Trips and The Kid live at Rex KL

Capt’n Trips & The Kid returns stronger and more refined than ever before in 2022 with the release of:

Synthtech” – An 11 track album in which they venture outside of their usual sonic repertoire – blending their familiar psychedelic boom with hints of electronica, kraut-rock and also modern world music to pay homage to their South-East-Asian roots.

So mark your calendars (15 Nov) for Capt’n Trips & The Kid’s brand spanking new album!

Watch and groove to the full music video for “Oostadarab” below:

JUICE also covered the band’s last single, Hardest Pill to Swallow, earlier this year.

Be sure to follow Capt’n Trips & The Kid on their Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates on album releases and shows!

Til then, stay danky my gurneys.