Caprice Wants Medical Officer To Apologise & Give Commenters Panadol If The Diagnosis Of His Personality Disorder Is Incorrect

source: Berita Harian

Following the Mydin-Caprice hullabaloo, a recent TikTok clip resulted in uproar on social media when an assistant medical officer came forward to comment on the behaviour of local rapper Caprice, or Ariz Ramli, associating his behaviour with a serious personality disorder.

Through the video, the user named Sabri Matsain voiced his personal view, in response to netizens who asked him via the comments section of another video for his opinion on the 34-year-old singer and humanitarian activist.

@xscout84 #question from @Sabri Matsain just pointing out my opinion. #histrionicpersonalitydisorder #HPD #pov #sabahan #insight #rawatminda #question #nasihat ♬ original sound – Sabri Matsain

Watch here if the clip doesn’t load.

Sabri said that the field of psychology has numerous branches of personality disorders, but in Caprice’s case, his condition could be classified as Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD).

Shortly after, Caprice came forward with a public post highlighting the issue via his Instagram page, asserting that he is thankful that he is still healthy and can think clearly to defend victims of pedophilia and sexual grooming.

However, Caprice expressed his dismay at the attitude of such medical officers who apparently diagnose people with personality disorders on social media, as this can make a person act out of control or impulsively.

Additionally, the Negeri Sembilan-born singer revealed that he has seen a specialist, but only because of two things, namely anxiety and insomnia.


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“Since the age of 18 until now, I have been seeing a psychiatrist for two reasons, namely anxiety and insomnia. I get anxious, can’t sit still, I have to work and work. If I sit still, my hands will shake and I will have a panic attack. I also have bad insomnia, it’s hard to sleep; so I have to take sleeping pills,” explained Caprice.

However, Caprice said he will see a medical expert to test whether he really suffers from the disorder or not.

“This week, I will go to see a psychiatrist. If they issue a letter saying that I do not have the problem, they will have to apologise within 24 hours and give Panadol to all the netizens who left comments under the column.

“Whoever wants free Panadol, visit this medical officer’s Tiktok,” he wrote.

Caprice’s post received various reactions where a majority of commenters stated that the individual should not simply labeled as having a mental disorder just because of a few viral clips and baseless accusations.

Many also expressed disappointment towards the MA who they believed was behaving unethically.