Canadians Prioritise Cannabis over Coronavirus

Nothing comes between the Canadians and their weed, not even a deadly and highly-contagious virus.


In Montreal, locals and tourists have been flooding cannabis stores and online cannabis retailers to stock-up on their supply. Who cares about basic food and kitchen supplies when you have sativa, right? In the picture below, a long line has formed even before the store opens, showing how the only time stoners are able to get up early is when they need more supply.


Despite the authorities urging people to stay indoors during the 14-day quarantine, the queue outside the main cannabis store, Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis boutique, has not diminished. When asked, cameraman Michel Benoit, who was in the queue, said this,

“There are those who panic, others who are not taking the situation seriously enough. I decided to come and manage my stress by smoking cannabis,”

Some frequenters of the store state that they aren’t even worried of contracting the disease despite the spike of cases in Quebec. Sounds like someone has taken one too many puffs…

To soothe your worries, a customer mentions that the stores and customers have been taking the necessary precautions such as practicing social distancing, wearing gloves and providing hand sanitizers. However, I think purchasing their stock online would be the safest bet.

What do you think?

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