TikTok User Licks Airplane Toilet For Publicity Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

source: Monsters and Critics

Meet this TikTok user whose name I shall not disclose so she doesn’t get any more undeserved traffic. While I personally try to take a stance of not knocking anybody’s hustle (regardless of how stupid and/or reckless it might be), I’m putting my foot down for this one. In the current world we live in, ‘influencers’ have become role models of sorts for the youth. That being said, influence can be both good and bad.

This one falls under the latter (IMO). The TikTok-er posted a video onto her social media accounts showing herself licking an airplane toilet in what she dubbed as the ‘#CoronaVirusChallenge’.

As a writer, it’s usually best to take a neutral approach to matters such as this but I for one cannot condone this type of f**kery and I couldn’t care less if that sounds preachy or not. Check out the video:

It was quite the challenge to find a video without the user’s name attached to it but there you go! Unfortunately, this whole ‘#CoronaVirusChallenge’ has started to gain traction with many others who share the same (limited) mental capacity as this woman following in her likely infected footsteps.

source: Twitter (edited in Photoshop)

Is it really worth it to potentially catch a deadly virus all in the name of clout? Why do we make things like this go viral? There are so many questions flooding my thoughts with no answers reassuring enough to justify this behaviour. And yet, we wonder why older generations constantly mock Gen-Z people. On behalf of my age group, I’d like to take this moment to offer a sincere apology for this mess.

Why lick toilets when you can grab some JUICE?