Amy Search Scolds Production House For Making Daughter Work Despite Movement Control Order

source: mStar

Amy Search, (MIA) frontman for legendary Malaysian rock group Search, was caught in a somewhat heartwarming display of fatherly affection. It’s a well known fact by many Malaysians that his daughter, Nabila Huda (pictured above with her father) is one of local cinema’s greatest talents. Being such a big name in film, this understandably comes with a heavier workload.

However, in light of the whole Covid-19 outbreak as well as the restricted movement order (RMO) as announced by the prime minister earlier this week, traveling for work isn’t the best of things to do for the time being. The actress posted on her Instagram stating how she was homesick and craving for ‘Maggi ketam’ (Maggi cooked with crab) but was forced to stay indoors due to the aforementioned RMO.

One of the top comments on her post came from none other than her loving father, Amy Search, who was infuriated that his daughter had to work in spite of the current panic surrounding Coronavirus and the government-issued lockdown order. Amy even pleaded for the national police force (PDRM) to take action against the production house which currently has Nabila working out-of-state.

source: Instagram

That’s a lot of words and emotion to translate into English but to summarise; he basically called the production house stupid for forcing Nabila to work at a time like this and asked her to pack up her things then return home immediately.

Personally, I’m siding with Amy Search on this one because it is pretty irresponsible on the studio’s part to carry on shooting in a time where people should be at home and secondly because of his caring nature towards his daughter which simply shows how affectionate he is towards her.

At a time like this, safety is paramount which is why it’s of the utmost importance that everybody complies with the lockdown order until we know it’s safe to go outside again (even if staying indoors all day gets tiresome pretty fast). In the meantime, here’s a classic Search song for those of you stuck at home thinking of what to do and/or eat next:

Don’t know what else to search for? Try having some JUICE.