Banners Blaming Politicians For Spike in New COVID-19 Cases Appear in Ipoh

source: The Star

Recently, Malaysians were saddened and deeply frustrated to hear that Covid-19 cases have reached an all-time high since the pandemic started in late January.

The spike recorded 287 new cases which is 10 cases more than the previous peak of cases we had in June. DG Noor Hisham even alluded to a possible upcoming MCO with a tweet that encouraged everyone to stay home and avoid social gatherings.

While most people released their anger by furiously posting on social media, some vented their frustrations in public by committing vandalism at several recognisable spots in Perak.

The admin for the Twitter user @iloveyouIPOH uploaded a post showing a massive banner draped over the walkway to Hospital Bainun in Ipoh that reads, “F*** Politics. 317 cases”

While that image speaks for itself, another Twitter user by the name @fralonelrainger posted another banner located at a food court in Stadium Perak that had a spicier message. Take a look…

It seems that posting memes and elaborate rants on Twitter and Facebook just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore for some people. Let’s hope Malaysia will flatten the curve as quickly as possible and until then, stay cool.