K-Town Clan: Playground

Crunk ain’t dead!


Hooked @ Neverland

Image Neverland


BigFest @ Ecoba

Image Ecoba


What Went Down: Moovment 2011 @ KL Live

  From the East to the West and back to the Southeast, if it’s not the quad of Far East Movement that moved the crowd of KL Live that night, then we don’t know what did. Performing their hit songs such as ‘Rocketeer’, ‘So What’, ‘Jello’, ‘OMG’ and number one hit single ‘Like A G6’, […]


What Went Down: Ritmo Do Brasil @ Frangipani

Party animals got to move their hips to the most awaited Ritmo Do Brasil (Rhythm of Brazil) that made its return to Frangipani Restaurant and Bar on Saturday for the third time as one of the biggest Brazilian-themed events in Malaysia.


Ritmo Do Brasil @ Frangipani

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Interview with DJ Clinton Sparks

After sparkling in big cities around the world DJ Clinton Sparks has finally landed on our city. Spinning for us at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge at KL Live tonight, get ready for his heart thumping smashing hits.   Your career choices had always been impressive. Being a recording artist, writer, producer, TV personality and […]


Rolling Stone Designs High-End Timepieces

Rolling Stones guitarist creates 14 high-end chronometer watches